Do Junk Car Parts Have Any Money Value?

Sell Junk Car Parts 317-450-3721

Sell Junk Car Parts 317-450-3721

Junk car parts, whether they are functional or not, have monetary value. Sure it’s obvious that a working car engine is worth more cash than one that doesn’t work, but many people are unaware that their non-functional automotive parts and junk cars are worth a notable amount of cash too! You can get cash for junk automotive parts no matter what condition they are in, nor how badly damaged they may be. Nevertheless, the extent of value largely depends on these two factors. Continue reading to learn more about selling junk car parts for cash, and who to trust for the highest returns in your hometown.

Junk Cars and Car Parts

If you own a car that is still operational, you can sell it for what it’s worth. But if you own a junk car with operational parts, you can sell each individual part that still works for a profit. The more parts that work, the more money you can get paid; however, the type of car part plays an important role in how much you make from selling it.

For example, catalytic converters and engines are high-priced ticket items made from valuable metals, so they are likely to get you more money than, for instance, a set of taillights or a radiator. Depending on the current market values for metal, the amount of money earned from certain auto parts will vary.

Whole junk cars can profit owners anywhere from $100 to $1000, depending on the condition of the vehicle, the make and model, and various other factors; including current metal rates. Individual parts, like functional catalytic converters, are known to sell for anywhere from $50 to $150 or more, depending on the above factors as well.

Cars and Parts That Cannot Be Refurbished

For junk cars and parts that really are “junked”, there is still money-making potential. Although the car and its parts cannot be re-furbished and placed back on the market, they can still serve a very important and useful purpose in the metal recycling world.

Many scrap metal companies are eager to buy junk cars and car parts for the metal they possess. Their compounds generally retain the equipment necessary to clean, melt, and recycle all metals. For this reason, they pay cash for those who wish to discard their junk vehicles and auto parts. You will get paid by the pound, based on the current metal prices.

Where to Sell Junk Car Parts in Indianapolis

Junk Car Buyers 317-450-3721

Junk Car Buyers 317-450-3721

Call Zore’s Inc. Cash for Cars department at 317-450-3721 if you need to sell junk car parts in Indianapolis, Indiana. We pay cash on the spot for all junk cars, trucks, boats, SUVs, construction equipment, and motorcycles. With more than 75 years in business, you can trust that Indianapolis Cash for Cars provides honest customer service and pays the most for junk vehicles in Indiana. Request a free estimate, today!

When You Can’t Afford to Repair Your Car

Cash for Cars Indianapolis 317-450-3721

Cash for Cars Indianapolis 317-450-3721

Not everyone has disposable cash on hand for an unexpected car repair. Single parents, lay-offs, and salary deductions all play a part of the average struggling bill payer. Without fault of your own, you may not have the cash available to repair your car at a moment’s notice. Groceries, electricity, and mortgage all come first. In situations like this, educate yourself on all the options out there. If you cannot afford to repair your car, look at the next best alternatives.

How to Survive an Unexpected Car Repair Expense

If you have just been involved in an accident, or a part of your vehicle has called it quits for good, look to all your options on repair before going into despair. When you do not have the immediate cash to repair your car, look to your credit cards for help. You can use multiple credit cards to make the payment in full, or you can open a new account just for that expense. This allows you to get your car back to continue working, and pay it off in monthly installments. If your credit is bad, or your cards are maxed out, then you can turn to the next possibility.

Call as many car repair places in town; ask each owner for a special payment plan to help extend your cash and get your car fixed at the same time. Someone may put their trust in you and offer a special financing deal. You have to ask to find out. If this is not an option for you as well, then move onto the last resort: selling your junk car.

Sell Your Junk Car for Cash

Cash for Cars Indianapolis 317-450-3721

Cash for Cars Indianapolis 317-450-3721

If you cannot afford to repair your car, or purchase a new one, then junking your car for cash could be your best solution. Selling your wrecked or broken down vehicle will give you access to instant cash. This cash can go toward a down payment on a new car from a used car lot. It can even be put toward a new car in some cases, depending on how much you get.

There are many places to sell your wrecked or junk car to, but be careful who you choose. Use a reputable and experienced company. These companies are knowledgeable about cars and can give you the best offers. Be sure to get multiple offers to see who will give you the most for your vehicle.

Indianapolis Cash for Cars

Call 317-450-3721 to sell your junk car or truck for fast cash in Indianapolis, Indiana. Zore’s Inc. offers the highest returns for junk vehicles, and can even help you find a new car! We also buy and sell new and used car parts. Call Zore’s Inc. at 317-450-3721 for Indianapolis cash for cars, today!