How Do I Know If My Car is Totaled?

If you have been in an accident, or if your car has sustained major damage due to another unforeseen issue, you may be wondering if it is a total loss. Determining whether a car is totaled is an important step in the insurance claim and repair process, so it’s essential to accurately identify this status before proceeding. To determine if a car is totaled, you’ll need to consider the cost of repairs in comparison to the market value of your vehicle.

Continue below to learn more about these considerations, plus what you can do with your totaled vehicle if you do not have auto insurance coverage in Indiana.

Call 317-450-3721 For Indianapolis Cash For Junk Cars!
Call 317-450-3721 For Indianapolis Cash For Junk Cars!

What Makes a Car Totaled?

If the cost of repairing your car exceeds its market value, then it is likely to be considered a total loss. This means that the insurance company will not cover the repair costs because it would not make financial sense to do so. Instead, you will receive a payout from the insurance company that is equivalent to the market value of your car prior to its damage.

Evaluating a Total Loss Vehicle

In order to determine if your car has been totaled, there are several steps you can take. First, contact your auto insurance provider and inquire about the claims process for total loss vehicles. Your provider will likely be able to provide you with an estimated value of your car as well as information about the claims process.

It is also important to have a mechanic inspect any damage your car has sustained. This will help determine the extent of the repairs necessary, and it could potentially reduce repair costs in some cases if applicable. Once you have received an estimate from your mechanic, compare the estimated cost of repairs to the market value of your vehicle.

Ultimately, if the cost to repair your car is greater than its total value, it will be considered a total loss and you will receive a payout from the insurance provider. Remember to also take into consideration any salvageable parts that could reduce the cost of repairs.

Tips For Dealing With a Salvaged Car

By following the steps above, you can determine if your car is a total loss and begin the insurance claim process accordingly. Knowing whether or not your car can be salvaged will help you make an informed decision about how to proceed with any necessary repairs. As always, we recommend consulting with a professional before making any decisions about your automobile.

Don’t have insurance? Or you just don’t wish to claim your totaled vehicle under your insurance? Choose to sell it to a local Indianapolis auto salvage yard for cash on the spot. Contact Zore’s Inc. Cash for Cars division at 317-450-3721 to get a free, over-the-phone quote from an honest and reputable Indianapolis junk car buyer. We serve all of Central Indiana with free junk car removal!

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Most Affordable Solutions for Car Engine Problems

The engine inside your car is basically the heart of the vehicle. Without a properly functioning engine, the rest of the systems within the car will slowly begin to fail, one by one, and then all at once. It is in your best interest to ensure your car engine is well maintained, otherwise, you might face the consequence of having to repair it or replace it, both of which will come with a hefty price tag. In fact, because engines are one of the most expensive automotive parts in a car, in some cases, a vehicle is deemed totaled by the insurance company because the cost to repair or replace the engine is more than the car’s current market value.

Continue reading to learn some helpful tips for resolving car engine problems on a budget.

Sell Us Your Totaled Car
Sell Us Your Totaled Car! 317-450-3721

Car Engine Repair

The amount of money it will cost to have your car engine repaired will depend on many factors, all of which will make the entire process stressful and inconvenient, from start to finish. Such factors include the car’s make and model, extent of damage or repaired needed, the cost of parts required for the repair, mechanic fees, and more. On average, the cost of car engine repair falls between $1000 and $4000, which is why so often, cars are deemed a total loss after suffering engine failures or defects.

Car Engine Replacement

Replacing a car engine can also be expensive, especially if you own a newer car and wish to buy a brand new engine. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between $3,000 and $4,000 for a car that is 10 years old. Newer cars will be more, older cars will be less, and luxury and commercial-use vehicles are virtually twice the price. These costs do not even include the price you have to pay for installation and service. To save money, you can consider buying a used or rebuilt car engine.  Not only are they are less expensive than a brand new engine or vehicle, they are also just as reliable as a brand new one, and often times, still comes with a warranty. 

Totaled Cars

In the case that you cannot afford either of these options after discovering car engine problems, or your insurance company deems your car a total loss but offers you a tiny settlement, you might want to consider scrapping your vehicle for cash. In many cases, this can be quite profitable, and the best option for those experiencing serious engine troubles or high repair costs. Just be sure to choose an established and reputable company to do business with in order to get a fair deal.

How to Learn More About Totaled Cars

Call 317-450-3721 to speak with our friendly Indianapolis junk car buyers about selling your totaled car, today! We are the reputable and reliable junk car removal company you are searching for! We have been in business for over 25 years and will give you best return for your junk vehicle or motorized commodity. We accept anything with a motor, regardless of age or condition. Just call 317-450-3721 to get started!

What To Do With a Total Loss Vehicle in Indiana

If you are left with a total loss vehicle, and the insurance company is not offering much, your best bet is to sell it to a junk car buyer for instant cash on the spot! Continue reading to learn exactly what to do with your totaled car in Indianapolis.

Sell Us Your Junk Vehicle Today! 317-450-3721
Sell Us Your Junk Vehicle Today! 317-450-3721

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Step-By-Step Guide to Selling a Totaled Car:

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How to Keep a Totaled Car

After an accident totals your vehicle, there are many reasons why you might choose to keep it, rather than turn it into the insurance company for a payout. If you are choosing to keep your totaled car, it is important that you know how to go about it in the right way. Regulations for keeping an insured, total loss vehicle vary from state to state, and occasionally, among cities and townships.

Continue reading to learn what you need to do if you want to keep your totaled vehicle.

Sell a Totaled Vehicle 317-450-3721
Sell a Totaled Vehicle 317-450-3721

Defining a “Total Loss” Vehicle

Although definitions vary from state to state, fundamentally, a vehicle with damages that cost more to repair than the current cash value of the vehicle. For instance, a car that is worth $2,000 but costs $3,500 to repair is deemed a “total loss” by insurance company standards.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

To properly retain ownership and possession of your total loss vehicle, you must first contact your insurance carrier. They can give you the detailed instructions, as well as alternatives, to your decision. In most cases, a car owner would accept the cash tendered by the insurance company. If you choose this option, you cannot keep possession of your vehicle. Instead, the vehicle will be collected by the insurance company and ultimately, auctioned off for its scrap value. If you reject this option, and wish to maintain possession of your totaled car, you must notify your insurance carrier at this point in time.

Warnings About Keeping a Totaled Car

Keeping your totaled vehicle means that you either wish to scrap it yourself for the parts, or you want to restore it back to its original glory for sentiment. Regardless of your intentions, it is important to understand that if your insurance carrier deems your car a total loss, the title to the vehicle will be changed to a salvage title. Furthermore, it can be quite a challenge to get a DMV to approve any repairs you want to make on a total loss car, and even more difficult getting approval to re-brand the title as “rebuilt.” Even after getting your car repaired, the DMV will not allow you to legally operate it until it passes a rigorous inspection.

Another major issue concerning total loss vehicles is insurance. Not only is it difficult getting approval over at the DMV, it is also hard to find an insurance company that will provide adequate coverage for a car that previously had a salvage title. Also, if you owe money on a car loan, or the vehicle was financed, you are not given the option to maintain possession because it is not legally yours to keep.

How to Learn More About Totaled Cars

Sell a Junk Vehicle 317-450-3721
Sell a Junk Vehicle 317-450-3721

Call 317-450-3721 to speak with our friendly Indianapolis junk car buyers about selling your totaled car, today! We are the reputable and reliable junk car removal company you are searching for! We have been in business for over 25 years and will give you best return for your junk vehicle or motorized commodity. We accept anything with a motor, regardless of age or condition. Just call 317-450-3721 to get started!

What To Do if a Tree Falls on Your Car

With all of the winter weather conditions surrounding our forecasts, hazardous conditions are nothing less than expected. One such hazard that is commonly overlooked until it is too late is tree damage. Strong winds, heavy snow, and thick ice can cause a tree to uproot from the ground, and eventually, topple over. Many people wake up in the morning to find their homes or structures damaged by a fallen tree. A common victim: vehicles.

So what do you do if you wake up to find your car or truck underneath a storm-stricken tree? Continue reading to learn.

Sell a Totaled Vehicle 317-450-3721
Sell a Totaled Vehicle 317-450-3721

What’s Your Insurance Look Like?

Your options as far as getting compensated for your vehicular damages depend mostly on what type of insurance coverage you have. If you have the state-minimum liability car insurance, you may not be able to make a claim. If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, and the policy is in good-standing before the incident, you should be covered.

Comprehensive automotive insurance coverage should cover all damages done to a vehicle so long as the tree fell as a result of snow, wind, or other natural element. If the tree fell because you cut it down improperly, for instance, it may not be covered by insurance. Although unrelated to trees, this type of insurance tends to cover hail damage, as well.

When a comprehensive insurance policy compensates a driver for vehicular tree damage, they provide funds to cover the cost of repairs, minus the policy deductible. If the cost of repairs exceeds the current market value of the vehicle make and model, the insurance company will deem the vehicle a total loss. Read our blog, “When is a Car Totaled?” to learn how to calculate a total loss vehicle. In the case of a total loss vehicle, the insurance company will pay to replace the car with one of equivalent make, model, and condition.

Totaled Cars

If a person does not have adequate insurance coverage before a tree falls on their car, they may not have many options for being compensated for their losses. In this case, if the tree merely damages the car, the driver can choose to pay, out-of-pocket, for automotive repairs. But if the damage is too extensive for repair, the driver must scrap the vehicle. Fortunately, this will put some cash in their pocket!

How to Sell a Totaled Car

Sell a Junk Vehicle 317-450-3721
Sell a Junk Vehicle 317-450-3721

Call our friendly Indianapolis junk car buyers at 317-450-3721 to sell a totaled car in Indiana. We give the highest payouts for junk cars, boats, motorcycles, boats, and anything else that runs on fuel! When you want hassle-free cash on the spot, call us to get rid of your junk car! Regardless of condition, make, or model, we will pay you cash on the spot! Request a free quote, today.