Junk Car Selling FAQS
Zore’s Inc. encourages you to educate yourself about the junk car selling and auto recycling industry before choosing to cash-in on an unwanted vehicle in Indianapolis. For this reason, we have provided a list of some frequently asked questions we receive about auto recycling. Review each question and answer for a better understanding of what to expect when selling an old Cash for Cars Indianapolis. You may also call us directly at 317-450-3721 and request free information and advice, anytime.
Frequently Asked Questions
Which Vehicles Does Zore’s Inc. Cash for Cars Buy?
We buy all make and model vehicles, regardless of age, condition, or amount of remaining parts. We also buy anything that has or had a motor, or runs on fuel. This includes motorbikes, motorcycles, ATVs, mopeds, tractors, lawn mowers, construction equipment, watercrafts, boats, jet skis, farming equipment, trailers, and even auto parts. Check out our Home Page for a list of all the commodities we buy! There are several factors included in assessing the overall condition of a vehicle, such as age, make, model, parts, and performance. Here at Zore’s Inc. Cash for Cars, we compare the current market values to the overall condition of the vehicle to produce the highest possible offer. Here at Zore’s Inc. Cash for Cars, we make the process of junk car selling easy, convenient, and most importantly, FREE. All you have to do is give us a call and tell us the make and model of your vehicle, and we can provide a free over-the-phone quote! If you accept our offer, we will schedule our in-house tow service to pick up your vehicle. We even offer same-day pickup at no extra charge. Once our driver arrives, you will sign over the title to us, and then we will pay you the previously agreed upon price. You will then need to cancel the registration and return the license plate (if applicable).
Will the Dealership Pay More Money for My Car?
No! They are in business to sell NEW cars, so they will offer the LOWEST payout for a trade-in. The payout will always be much lower than the wholesale price or true value of your vehicle. Selling a junk car to Zore’s Inc. Cash for Cars is much more beneficial than selling it on your own. By selling us your vehicle, you will save time, money, hassle, and protect yourself from certain liability. We make it easy and profitable! In almost every case, a vehicle is dismantled for its working parts, crushed for its scrap metal, and then recycled or reprocessed. But if the vehicle is still in good condition, we will repair it and resell it at our public auto auction held every other Wednesday at our Mickley Avenue location. If you total your vehicle on a public street or major roadway, Zore’s Inc. Cash for Cars will come and tow it away for free if you choose to sell it to us. If you are unsure about selling your vehicle, we can still provide 24 hour towing service for a nominal fee.
Do I Need to Involve the DMV When Selling a Junk Car?
No! Selling a junk car in Indianapolis is a DMV-free process. However, you may need to contact them for a duplicate title, and also to cancel your registration and plates if necessary.
Do I Have to Be Present When My Car is Picked Up?
No, as long as you place the necessary paperwork inside the vehicle. However, if you live in an area that is gated or guarded, and you are being paid cash in hand, you will need to be present to allow our drivers to come onto your property and haul away your vehicle. And to pay you, of course!

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