Common Automotive Damages That Can Total a Car

When it is time to have a vehicle repaired, one might have some anxiety about the amount of money it will take to get it fixed. This is especially true for those who know they are dealing with some major mechanical damages. In fact, there are some car repairs that are so major and intensive, they often cost more than what the car is actually worth. In this case, the vehicle would be deemed a total loss.

Continue reading to learn some of the most common automotive damages that total a car, as well as, how you can recoup some profit from a total loss vehicle.

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Engine Failure

There are all kinds of things that can go wrong in a car engine. From filters and head gaskets, to cylinder heads, timing belts, transmissions, and more, the list of possible mechanical breakdowns is long. Although many engine repairs are moderate or straightforward, such as spark plug replacement and tune-ups, there are others that can wreck a person’s budget, and even total the car altogether. Examples of engine failures that can total a car include engine replacement, major engine work, engine rebuilds, and ignition system replacement.

Frame Damage

In the case of a collision, a vehicle can sustain a massive amount of cosmetic and structural damage. When a car’s frame or chassis is damaged to the point that it requires a complete reset, the cost can be equivalent to buying another car. If the cost of repairing a damaged car frame or chassis exceeds the current resale value of a vehicle, the insurance company will deem it a total loss.

Fires and Floods

If a car catches fire, or is submerged in water for a period of time, the cost to repair it back to its original conditions prior to the fire or flood damage is typically astronomical. In fact, the cost is so high, the only time people really have their vehicle’s repaired after such damage is if it is a company vehicle needed for business, such as an ice cream truck or delivery truck, or it is a classic car or collectible. For standard vehicles, fire and flood damage will almost always render them totaled. See our blog, “Can I Sell a Car That Has Been Submerged in Water?” for more details regarding this topic.

Transmission Failures

Just like a car engine, the transmission is a critical system in which many mechanical issues can arise. In the case that a transmission needs to be replaced, the cost can sometimes exceed the current resale value of the vehicle. Similar transmission damages that can total a vehicle include major transmission work like rebuilds and replacements, as well as, driveline repair and differential repair.

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