How You Can Put a Junk Car to Good Use

Cash for Cars Indianapolis 317-450-3721

Cash for Cars Indianapolis 317-450-3721

When you think about your old junk car sitting in the shed out back, or the dark side of the garage, you may think about why you still have it sitting in your house. What you should think about is ways to put that old hunk of metal to good use. There are several options to consider if you are ready to get rid of your old vehicle. Continue reading to learn what you can do with a junk car and how it can help your wallet as well!

Sell a Junk Car

There are many places that a person can sell a junk vehicle for cash. Junk car buyers are listed everywhere and junk car lots are prevalent spots all over the city. The important tip to keep in mind is to ask around to get the best return for your junk car. Many junk car lots have a flat fee for any junk vehicle; this is normal. It is still helpful to check around. Use a reliable company that has a good-standing history in the city and with clients.

Donate a Junk Car

A person can also donate their old car. There are various institutions, charities, fundraisers, and foundations that accept old cars and more. Most of the time, this type of donation can also be a tax write off. Churches, educational facilities, YMCA’s, shelters, and other similar establishments accept these types of donations. Although you do not get cash in return, per say, it is a tax write off for most people.

Scrap a Junk Car for Metal Parts

If cash is what you’re after, then scrapping the individual car parts and components is best. Taking a car apart requires certain tools, equipment, and experience. Be sure to have an experienced mechanic assist you with this task. Each vehicle part can be sold or scrapped for different cash amounts.

Metal recycling companies and scrap metal yards are the most popular places to sell old car parts. Catalytic converters give the highest cash return. This is because they are made from platinum, a very valuable, useful, and recyclable metal. Also, engines, radiators, and car batteries are bigger money items. Radiators made from copper are especially desirable. Aluminum car parts are easy to reuse and recycle,
making them easy to scrap as well.

Cash for Cars in Indianapolis

Junk Car Buyers 317-450-3721

Junk Car Buyers 317-450-3721

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