When There Might Be a Problem With Your Car’s Suspension

When it comes to investment protection and dependable performance, a suspension problem is an issue you want to catch as early as possible. If a worn-out suspension is ignored, marks of trouble will start to appear very quickly. Common indications of transmission distress include excessive wear and tear on tires, faulty alignment, and daunting sounds like bouncing, knocking, banging, or thumping.

If you think your vehicle is experiencing any of these issues, it is important to address them as soon as you can. Otherwise, you risk turning your vehicle into a total loss. If this happens, you will have to claim a totaled car under insurance policy, or sell it to a local junk car buyer for instant cash.

Indianapolis Indiana Total Loss Car Buyers
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When to Inspect a Car Suspension:

Towing, Long-Distance Driving, and More

Even if you are not aware of any mechanical problems with your vehicle’s suspension, there are still many other reasons you should get it inspected on a regular basis. For instance, if you are a frequent commuter, drive long distances, or tow heavy freights with your car, you need routine suspension inspection and service. One time per year is a good schedule to follow, but you should increase this to 2 times per year if you tow heavy cargoes on a regular basis.

Old Age or Poor Condition

Another reason to get your car suspension inspected has to do with its age and condition. Older vehicles, or vehicles in poor condition, will need more maintenance and service than a newer model vehicle in good condition. If you have an old or problematic vehicle, it may be wise to get all routine factory scheduled maintenance on a yearly basis, not just the suspension.

After an Accident

You should always have your car’s suspension checked after an accident as well, regardless of how minor you think the accident was. Even a tiny impact can cause your alignment to offset or damage a suspension. If the accident causes suspension issues, and you neglect to have them looked at, you could risk facing a hefty repair bill later down the road; or worse, you can total your vehicle.

You Can Always Sell Your Junked Car in Indiana

If you cannot afford to repair your car or purchase a new one, then junking your car for cash in Indiana could be your best solution. Selling your wrecked or broken down vehicle will give you access to instant cash. This cash can go toward a down payment on a new car from a used car lot. It can even be put toward a new car in some cases, depending on how much you get.

Do you have a broken down suspension that costs too much to repair? Call 317-450-3721 to speak with friendly Indianapolis junk car buyers about selling your total loss vehicle for cash on the spot. We accept anything with a motor, regardless of age or condition.

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Cash for Cars Indianapolis
Cash for Cars Indianapolis 317-450-3721

How Much Will I Make if I Sell My Totaled Car to an Auto Salvage Lot?

There is a perfectly good reason why many junk car owners consider themselves lucky. There are many lucrative uses for a junk vehicle, especially if most of the salvageable parts are still operable. An owner has several options for turning their salvaged car or truck into a profit of some sort.

Continue reading to learn what options are out there and the true profitability potential of a junk vehicle.

Indianapolis Indiana Junk Car Buyers
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Sell a Whole Junk Car

Junk vehicle owners can take the easiest and quickest route by choosing to sell their asset directly to a buyer. There are infinite consumers out there looking for salvaged vehicles and other commodities for a variety of reasons. Selling a vehicle as a whole may cut your profit down a bit, but it makes up for all the time and effort you evade in the process. When most parts are not functioning, direct selling is usually the best and only option.

Potential consumers for salvaged vehicles include junk car buyers, junkyards, metal recycling centers, private parties, auto body shops, and even metalwork manufacturers. The internet opens doors to thousands of consumers looking for exactly what you are selling, especially in the automotive market.

Sell All Auto Parts

Another option for profiting from a junked car is selling its parts individually for a higher profit. Although this is a more tedious and difficult approach that requires the skill of a licensed mechanic or trained mechanic, it renders a much higher profit. Headlights alone go for more than a few hundred dollars, brand new. So, it’s no mystery why so many people want to purchase used parts at a discounted price.

Other parts like motors, radiators, exhausts, catalytic converters, fuel tanks, and more are all sought-after car parts that can be refurbished and sold for a profit so long as they still work. A catalytic converter, for example, is made mostly from a precious metal called platinum. It is a very useful, expensive, and prized precious metal. This part alone can rake in some serious cash.

Call a Junk Car Company

Last, a person can simply choose to keep their salvaged vehicle in the case that their current one needs new parts. As mentioned, some automotive parts are extremely expensive to repair or replace, so having your own private inventory of spare parts is a highly-lucrative asset. That’s something to definitely consider if you own an old car or truck and want to make good use of it.

Are you ready to sell your junk car for cash now? Contact us at 317-450-3721 to speak with an Indianapolis cash for junk cars buyer and get a free offer today. We serve all of Central Indiana.

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Cash for Cars Indianapolis 317-450-3721
Indianapolis Cash for Junk Cars 317-450-3721

What is a Car Title?

As a car owner, you need proof that you in fact own your vehicle. This is exactly what a car title does. It is a legal document that serves as evidence and proof of ownership of a vehicle. In some states, a car title is referred to as a pink slip. Continue reading to learn some pertinent facts about Indiana car titles, including how to replace a lost or stolen car title, and what your options are for selling a car without one.

Sell a Totaled Vehicle
Sell a Totaled Vehicle 317-450-3721

Source of Car Titles

Car titles are regulated and distributed by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You can visit a local branch of the Department of Motor Vehicles, also known as a Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) when you need drivers’ license, registration, and car title services. There are dozens of locations in your city, so finding one is never a problem. Any major road-approved vehicle can be given a car title, including cars, trucks, SUV’s, vans, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and even boats.

Title Transfers

When a car owner decides to sell their vehicle, they must transfer the car title over to the buyer once the transaction has been completed. This is referred to as signing over a car title, or more formally, a car title transfer. If you wish to sell your car, but you do not have a car title, you could run into some delays. A private buyer who intends on operating the vehicle will want a valid car title. Car titles also make your car worth more, so having one is best if you plan to sell for a profit.

To replace a lost or stolen car title, you will have to get in touch with your local drivers’ license branch. There, you will receive all the instructions needed to complete the paperwork, requirements, and deadlines. There is usually a fee for this process, so be prepared to send in a check or money order when filing for a duplicate car title. See our blog, “How to Replace a Lost Car Title” to learn the steps for getting started.

Rebuilt and Reconstructed Car Titles

In the case that your vehicle has been deemed totaled by the insurance company, it will be given a new titled called a salvaged title. Now, in the case that you wish to pay to have the vehicle repaired back to a non-totaled, road-approved condition, the DMV would issue a rebuilt car title, also known as a reconstructed car title. If you have a totaled car that was not covered by insurance, you might not be able to afford repairs in such a major way. In this case, you could sell your junk vehicle to an automotive salvage yard, even without a car title. It is possible for junk car buyers to accept other forms of documentation to prove ownership of a vehicle, such as the registration, insurance policy, or lien.

Where to Sell a Totaled Car in Indiana

You can sell a totaled car in Indianapolis in as little as one day! Simply call 317-450-3721 and ask for Bill if you want the best deal for your junk car. As a family owned and operated company that has done business in Indiana since 1927, you can trust that we offer the fairest and most honest returns for junk cars and vehicles!

Have Questions About Selling a Junk Car?

Do you have questions about selling your junk car in Indiana? If so, you have come to the right place. We are junk car buying professionals who have served the Central Indiana areas with responsible and honest cash for cars service since 1927! Continue below to review some common questions our past clients have had about our services, and junk cars in general. After all, the more you know, the better prepared you are, which can mean more money in your pocket!

Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers 317-450-3721
Sell Us Your Junk Vehicle Today! 317-450-3721

What are Junk Cars?

A junk car is a total loss vehicle, which is a car that is so damaged that the cost to repair it is higher than the actual cash value at the time of the loss. However, this can apply to more than just vehicles. Any motorized vehicle can also be sold to a junk car buyer, such as motorbikes, motorcycles, ATVs, mopeds, tractors, lawn mowers, construction equipment, watercrafts, boats, jet skis, farming equipment, trailers, and anything that ran on fuel. Many buyers also accept automotive parts.

Here at Zore’s Inc., our Indianapolis Cash for Cars division accepts all make and model vehicles, regardless of age, condition, or amount of remaining parts. We also accept all other motorized commodities mentioned above!

Do I Need a Title to Sell a Junk Car?

Although having a title is not necessary, it does make a vehicle worth more because of the potential to resell. But a missing car title is nothing to worry about. You can replace a lost, stolen, or damaged car title by applying for a duplicate. If you looking for your title but can’t seem to find it, that’s not a problem for Zore’s Inc. Indianapolis Cash for Cars! Our junk car buyers may be able to verify ownership using alternative methods. Contact us directly at 317-450-3721 to learn more.

How Do I Sell a Junk Car?

Here at Zore’s Inc. Indianapolis Cash for Cars, we make the process of junk car selling easy, convenient, and most importantly, FREE. All you have to do is give us a call and tell us the make and model of your vehicle, and we can provide a free over-the-phone quote! If you accept our offer, we will schedule our in-house tow service to pick up your vehicle. We even offer same-day pickup at no extra charge. Once our driver arrives, you will sign over the title to us, and then we will pay you the previously agreed upon price. You will then need to cancel the registration and return the license plate (if applicable).

How Much is My Junk Car Worth?

The worth of a junk car largely depends on the current scrap metal prices. Our junk car buying complex houses advanced technologies and state-of-the-art analyzing equipment that allows us to read the type of metal in a vehicle, and the quantities present. We also look up the make and model vehicle to determine the specific percentage of metals and non-metals, then implement the proper mathematical calculations to remove the non-metal percentage from the final quote.

Get Started Right Now With a Free Quote!

Our Indianapolis Cash for Cars division is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, so there is never any trouble getting in touch with a friendly and knowledgeable associate. Furthermore, we provide FREE same-day pickup and haul away service for anyone who wishes to sell junk cars in Indy! And best of all, getting started is simple! Just contact us at 317-450-3721 for a free quote.

The Difference the BMV and the DMV

In the English language, there is no single definitive authority, which means we often make our versions of vocabulary, slang, dialects, and more. As a result, we are also known to use words interchangeably, such as “business” and “company”, or “store” and “shop.” So when it comes to our state’s government agencies that issue drivers’ licenses and register vehicles, the same language practices apply. Many people are confused by the acronyms, “BMV” and “DMV”, and the less common, “RMV.” The truth is, these are all interchangeable terms that essentially mean the same thing.

Continue reading to learn a more detailed description of each driving agency acronym.

Sell Us Your Junk Vehicle Today! 317-450-3721
Sell Us Your Junk Vehicle Today! 317-450-3721

State Motor Vehicle Agencies

In the United States, our government has appointed official agencies that regulate the registration of vehicles and the issuing of drivers’ licenses on a state level. They also enforce federal and state laws regarding all motor vehicles. The names of these agencies vary from state to state, but their roles and responsibilities are the same across the board.

The common acronyms used for these state-level government agencies include BMV, DMV, and RMV. The acronym used depends on the state and their unique government language preferences. See below:

BMV – Bureau of Motor Vehicles

DMV – Department of Motor Vehicles

RMV – Registry of Motor Vehicles

The most common acronym used for government agencies that issue drivers’ licenses and register vehicles is DMV, or Department of Motor Vehicles. As you can see, the terms “bureau”, “department”, and “registry” are used interchangeably to describe the same type of agency. Interestingly, Massachusetts is the only state that uses RMV, but is now administered by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). All other states use either DMV or BMV. Here in Indiana, we use both.

How to Sell a Junk Car Without a Title

Call 317-450-3721 to sell a junk car without a title in Indianapolis, Indiana. We will buy your junk vehicle regardless of its condition, and pay you the fairest return in town! For more than 75 years, our company has been a trusted source for junk car selling, so you can trust us too! Call 317-450-3721 to request a free estimate for Indianapolis cash for cars, today.

3 Creative Options for Junk Cars

A junk car doesn’t have to be a space-invading eyesore. There are lots of creative and fun options for dealing with an old junk car, safely and conveniently. Some of these options even include making a bit of a profit! Continue reading to learn what you can do with your old, broken down, rusty hunk of junk.

Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers 317-450-3721
Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers 317-450-3721

❶ Make ART

Whether you have an old car or truck, a leftover chassis, or a piece of antique farm equipment, you can put your creative juices to work and turn it into art! For example, you can hollow it out and make it into a planter, or even craft some outdoor furniture out of its parts and materials. You can also turn it into a canvas and paint a custom mural on the exterior. Whatever type of art you create, just remember to choose a project you know you can finish. Do ample research, sketch out a plan, and organize a schedule to get it done.

❷ Make a Donation

There are several organizations and charities that will accept junk cars as donations. Keep in mind that most of these outlets require you to haul and drop off your car on your own dime, as they will not likely offer free towing or haul away service. On the good side, you can sometimes apply this type of donation to your annual taxes as a write-off.

❸ Make a Profit

Prefer to not lift a finger except to put cash in your wallet? Then your best option would be to sell your junk car to a Cash for Cars Company in Indianapolis. Regardless of the make, model, age, or condition, junk car buyers will take it for free, and pay you cash on the spot. How much you earn will largely depend on the current market prices for scrap metal and how much your vehicle contains. Just be sure to choose a junk car buying company that retains the proper technology and experience to give an accurate and fair offer.

Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers

Earn fast cash for junk cars in Indianapolis by calling 317-450-3721 right now! You can reach a friendly office attendant anytime, day or night. Selling a junk car for cash is good for the environment, makes you money, and gets unsafe vehicles off the road. There are several advantages to selling a junk car, but let the cash tempt you the most! Request a free phone quote, today.

What To Do With a Total Loss Vehicle in Indiana

If you are left with a total loss vehicle, and the insurance company is not offering much, your best bet is to sell it to a junk car buyer for instant cash on the spot! Continue reading to learn exactly what to do with your totaled car in Indianapolis.

Sell Us Your Junk Vehicle Today! 317-450-3721
Sell Us Your Junk Vehicle Today! 317-450-3721

Do You Want to Some Easy Cash?

If you are looking to make some fast cash for junk cars, but you have no idea where to start, you have come to the right place! Zore’s Inc. Cash for Cars division is your solution to getting top-dollar for salvage vehicles in Indianapolis. We have several convenient locations throughout Central Indiana, but if you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you!

We provide FREE same-day pickup and haul away service for anyone who wishes to sell junk cars in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas! And best of all, getting started is easy because we make the junk car selling process speedy and hassle-free! Below is a step-by-step guide explaining exactly what you need to do to get the process going.

Step-By-Step Guide to Selling a Totaled Car:

❶ Locate the Title of the Vehicle

❷ Call 317-450-3721 or 1-888-U-Junk-It

❸ Tell Us the Make and Model of the Vehicle

❹ Receive a Free Over-the-Phone Quote

If You Accept Our Offer…

❶ We Schedule Our Tow Truck to Haul Away Your Vehicle for Free
❷ Upon Arrival, You Sign Over the Title
❸ Prior to Departure, We Pay You the Quoted Price in Cash!

Why Choose Us?

☑ Cash Paid on the Spot
☑ Top Prices Paid
☑ Fully-Licensed
☑ In-House Free Towing
☑ No Hidden Fees or Charges
☑ Accepts Anything Motorized
☑ Convenient Central Indiana Locations
☑ Free Same-Day Pick Up

Contact Us Today to Request a Free Quote!

You really can sell a totaled car in Indianapolis in as little as one day! Simply call 317-450-3721 and ask for Bill if you want the best deal for your junk car. As a family owned and operated company that has done business in Indiana since 1927, you can trust that we offer the fairest and most honest returns for junk cars and vehicles!

The Quickest Way to Earn Cash for a Junk Car

When it comes to selling a junk car for cash, or any other type of motorized commodity, be sure you know which steps are the right steps to get you the most money.  After all, profit is the most important part of selling a junk vehicle. Now that you are ready to get started, skip all the hassle and use this guide to earning fast cash for your junk car!

Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers 317-450-3721
Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers 317-450-3721

Personal and Professional Evaluations

When you have finally decided to get rid of your junk car, begin by completing a brief assessment of its condition. Write down the make, model, aftermarket parts, operational parts, non-operational parts, and any other valuable factors. These can contribute to the overall value of your junk car.

In addition to a personal assessment, you can also choose to have the car inspected by a licensed mechanic to further confirm the condition of your vehicle, and ultimately, its worth. Although this is not a custom nor mandatory part of the junk car selling process, it can give you an advantage when negotiating prices with a potential buyer since a car in better condition is worth more money.

Find a Buyer

Following your initial evaluation, you are ready to start looking for a buyer who will give you the most professional service and the highest profit value. The best sources are local junk car buying businesses; however, be careful when choosing one. Since anyone can advertise that they “buy junk cars”, there are countless fly-by-night businesses out there. These business are generally unprofessional and in-equipped, both of which poses the ultimate consequence of being scammed.

Locate Your Proof of Ownership

Last, you must find the title to your junk car.  If your title is lost, damaged, or stolen, you must contact the local BMV and apply for a new or duplicate car title. If you do not want to go through the title replacement process, there may be other ways to prove ownership, such as the registration. However, the accepted terms of proving ownership for a junk car varies from buyer to buyer, so be sure to ask about such policies prior to making a deal.

Sell Your Junk Car

Once you have the title in hand, you are now ready to pick up the phone and request an estimate from a local and trusted Indianapolis junk car buyer. Although there are hundreds of phone numbers you can dial, Zore’s Inc. Cash for Cars division is the only one you need!

Sell a Junk Vehicle 317-450-3721
Sell a Junk Vehicle 317-450-3721

Just call 317-450-3721 and ask for Bill if you want the best deal for your junk car. As a family owned and operated company that has done business in Indiana since 1927, you can trust that we offer the fairest and most honest returns for junk cars and vehicles!

FAQS About Junk Cars

If you own a junk car, truck, tractor, motorcycle, or other motorized vehicle, you may be interested in getting rid of it for a gratifying profit. This is all made possible through the lucrative industry of junk car buying and selling. There are hundreds of salvage yards to choose from, but in order to get the fairest return for your junk vehicle, it is crucial to choose a business that has a long-standing reputation of providing honest and courteous service within the local communities.

If you choose a fly-by-the-night or unlicensed junk car dealer, you risk being taken advantage of, which ultimately results in you losing money on the deal; money that was rightfully yours. To help you with the junk car selling and decision making process, it is recommended to learn the basics surrounding the enterprise.

Continue reading to review some frequently asked questions and answers about junk cars to get started!

Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers 317-450-3721

Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers 317-450-3721

How Much Money Can I Get for a Junk Vehicle?

The amount of money your junk vehicle is worth depends on several factors, primarily total weight, operative parts, and the current market value for steel and iron. Right now, a car owner can expect to receive anywhere from $150 to $300 for a junked vehicle. Professional dealers typically retain electronic weight scales, XRF analyzers, and other forms of modern technology to assess the value of a vehicle. They also use market values for vehicles.

Do I Need a Title to Sell a Junk Car to a Salvage Yard?

You can still sell your junk car without a title, but you will need to provide alternative documentation that proves you are the true owner of the vehicle. This may include your registration. If you do not have any other documentation, you may apply for a duplicate title instead. If your title is lost, faulty, or destroyed, you will need to apply for a Certificate of Authority.

How Do I Get a Certificate of Authority?

According to the BMV, “A person who owns a vehicle that has a certificate of title that is faulty, lost, or destroyed, or who is the possessor of an abandoned vehicle may apply to the BMV for authority to sell, give away, or dispose of the vehicle for scrap metal without applying for a certificate of title. An approved Certificate of Authority – Disposal of a Motor Vehicle – State Form 55018 must be provided to the automotive salvage recycler, or other appropriate facility when disposing of the vehicle.” You can download the Certificate of Authority Application Packet, including the State Form 55018, here.

Is it Legal to Drive a Car With a Salvaged Title?

The answer to this questions depends on insurance coverage. You see, many insurance companies will only offer limited or restricted coverage for a salvaged vehicle, while many others won’t insure one at all. So if you have an “un-insurable” vehicle, it would be illegal to drive it since the law requires all drivers to be insured.

How Do I Sell My Junk Car?

Locate the title of the vehicle.
Call a local and licensed junk car dealer.
Tell them the make and model of your vehicle.
Receive a phone quote on the spot.

If You Accept the Offer…

The dealer will schedule a time to retrieve your vehicle.

Before they arrive, collect all of your personal belongings from the vehicle, including the license plate.

Next, cancel your automobiles registration with the State.

When they arrive, you will sign over the title to them.

After you sign over the title, they will either pay you cash on the spot or send a check in the mail. It depends on the company you do business with.

Where Can I Get the Most Cash for My Junk Car?

Sell a Junk Vehicle 317-450-3721

Sell a Junk Vehicle 317-450-3721

Earn fast cash for your junk car by calling Zoe’s Inc. Indianapolis Cash for Cars division right now! You can reach a friendly office attended at 317-450-3721 anytime, day or night. Selling a junk car for cash is good for the environment, makes you money, and gets unsafe vehicles off the road. There are several advantages to selling a junk car, but let the cash tempt you the most!

5 Reasons Why You Won’t Get $500 Cash for Your Junk Car

Although possible in the past, it isn’t likely that you’ll get more than $500 for your junk vehicle any time soon. And here’s why…

Cash for Cars Indianapolis 317-450-3721

Cash for Cars Indianapolis 317-450-3721

Just a few short years ago, the scrap metal industry was content. Back then, you could easily get $500 or more for a quality junk car considering scrap steel was selling at an average of $400 per ton. But times have changed since then, and the industry has experienced an on-going slump. And this slump isn’t the roller coaster kind, with rising and falling values. Instead, think of it as a steady, downhill ski slope that ends with a sudden drop off.

Unfortunately, the market has not seen any rising values for scrap metal since before 2014. Continue reading to learn why you probably won’t get the value you’d once expect from selling your junk car for cash to an auto salvage center.

Scrap Metal Exports are Down

Our country used to export an abundant amount of scrap metal overseas, but not anymore. In fact, the United States exported an average of 20 million metric tons every year. And as little as 5 years ago, that number was a whopping 24 million! But in 2014, the number dropped significantly, and has continued to decline ever since. And in terms of basic economics, when demand is low, so are prices.

The U.S. Dollar is Up

Although it sounds good that the U.S. American dollar is on the rise, but in terms of international commerce, it’s not. As the value of the U.S. dollar increases, it becomes more expensive for other countries to purchase U.S. goods, including metal. This brings us right back to the basics of economics mentioned above.

The U.S. is Importing Canadian Steel

Canada’s steel industry is diminishing, causing them to export more and more to the United States. And for cities close to the Canadian borders, it can be less expensive to import Canadian steel than to have it transported from somewhere else in the United States. And when you couple that with a weak Canadian dollar, you can understand the circumstances.

China is Long Gone

The United States used to sell a significant amount of steel to China. But now that China’s economy has taken a slower pace, they are no longer interested in buying as much steel from our country. And if they won’t buy it, we can’t sell it. Again, when demand is low, so are the prices.

The Competition

China produces steel and exports it cheap to sell to other countries. This puts other steel-producing countries in a poor position. So as other country’s’ prices for steel decrease, the U.S. is forced to buy this cheaper steel, causing American steel producers to have trouble with their businesses.

Auto Salvage Companies

Auto salvage companies wish they could give you the value you expect for your junk car, but they just cannot. The industry is simply not doing well right now, and there’s no sign of it getting better any time soon. However, you can still receive a fair price for your junk vehicle if you visit a cash for cars company in your area.

Indianapolis Cash for Cars

Junk Car Buyers 317-450-3721

Junk Car Buyers 317-450-3721

Call 317-450-3721 to sell a junk car in Indianapolis, Indiana for cash on the spot. We will buy your junk vehicle regardless of its condition, and pay you the fairest return in town! For more than 75 years, our company has been a trusted source for junk car selling, so you can trust us too! Call 317-450-3721 to request a free estimate for Indianapolis cash for cars, today.