Understanding High-Cost Car Repairs: What You Need to Know

Navigating through the realm of car maintenance can often feel like a complex labyrinth, especially when it comes to high-cost repairs. When faced with these expensive auto parts and repair bills, the choices you make can significantly impact your wallet.

Whether you’re a seasoned car owner or a novice, understanding the intricacies of car repair costs and why they can skyrocket is crucial. In this blog post, we will unravel the mystery behind expensive car repairs, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your vehicle’s upkeep. Buckle up, and let’s embark on this journey into the world of auto repair.

Call 317-450-3721 to Sell a Junk Car in Indianapolis to a Trusted Cash for Cars Company
Call 317-450-3721 to Sell a Junk Car in Indianapolis to a Trusted Cash for Cars Company

The Costly World of Car Repair

It’s no surprise that car repairs can be costly, and the expenses often seem to pile up when you least expect them. From routine maintenance like oil changes and brake replacements to more complicated issues like transmission failures or engine malfunctions, the costs can add up quickly. According to a recent study by AAA, the average cost of car ownership in the United States is $9,282 per year, with repair and maintenance costs accounting for 7.4% of that total. So why are car repairs so expensive? Let’s dive into some of the primary factors that drive up the price tag.

The Price Tag on Auto Parts

One of the main reasons for high-cost car repairs is due to the rising prices of auto parts. As technology continues to advance, cars are becoming more complex, and their components more specialized. This means that replacing a faulty part can sometimes cost significantly more than it did in the past. For example, a basic alternator replacement could set you back anywhere from $500 to $1,000, depending on your car’s make and model. In comparison, a decade ago, this repair may have only cost $200 to $300. As cars continue to evolve and become more advanced, the cost of repairs will also rise.

Labor and Overhead Costs

Another factor that contributes to high-cost car repairs is labor and overhead costs. The average hourly rate for a mechanic in the United States ranges from $80 to $120, and the more specialized the repair, the higher the rate will be. Additionally, overhead costs like rent and utilities for auto shops can also impact the total cost of repairs. These expenses are often passed on to customers through higher labor rates or added fees. While it may seem like a lot to pay for labor, remember that skilled technicians undergo extensive training and have valuable expertise to ensure your car is fixed correctly.

Preventative Maintenance: A Cost-Saving Option

While high-cost repairs can be a significant financial burden, there are ways to minimize the damage to your wallet. One of the best ways to do this is through preventative maintenance. Regularly scheduled maintenance, such as oil changes, tire rotations, and tune-ups, can help identify and fix potential issues before they become costly repairs. By staying on top of preventative maintenance, you can save yourself from expensive breakdowns and prolong the life of your vehicle.

When the Cost to Repair Your Car is Higher Than its Fair Market Value

In some cases, the cost of repairing your car may exceed its fair market value. This can happen if your car is older or has significant damage that is not covered by insurance. In these situations, it may be more financially responsible to consider selling your car to a reputable cash for cars company, then purchasing a newer, more reliable vehicle. While this may seem like a daunting decision to make, taking into account the long-term costs of constantly repairing an older car can make it a wise choice.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, high-cost car repairs are not uncommon in today’s automotive landscape due to rising auto part prices, labor costs, and overhead expenses for repair shops. Understanding these factors can help you make informed decisions about your vehicle’s upkeep and budget accordingly. Remember to stay on top of preventative maintenance, and in cases where the cost to repair exceeds your car’s value, consider weighing the options carefully. By staying informed and proactive, you can navigate through high-cost car repairs with confidence.

Are you looking for a company that buys junk cars, has experience, and pays cash instantly for your old and damaged vehicle? Here we are! Contact us at 317-450-3721 to request your free over-the-phone quote for Indianapolis cash for junk car parts, today! We offer free junk car removal, too!

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Tips for Selling Your Automotive Scrap Metal

Do you have an old car, truck or other vehicle taking up space in your yard? If so, it may be time to consider selling the scrap metal from your automotive parts. Scrap metal buyers offer cash for junk cars and can help you turn that old hunk of metal into hard currency. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips on how to sell your automotive scrap metal and get the most out of it.

Call 317-450-3721 to Sell Automotive Scrap in Indianapolis Indiana
Call 317-450-3721 to Sell Automotive Scrap in Indianapolis Indiana

How to Make Fast Cash by Selling Scrap Automotive Metal and Parts

There are endless opportunities for recycling automotive scrap! Everything from hubcaps, rims, and car frames have value when taken to an auto salvage yard. You may be surprised to see the variety of scrap metals and pieces that could earn you money. Depending on the year, make and type of vehicle parts, some can bring higher payouts than others. Taking a trip to an auto salvage yard promises a range of possibilities that can turn scrap into cash!

Here’s how to get started on the right path:

1. Do Some Research. Start by researching local scrap metal buyers and auto salvage yards near you. Check for reviews, prices and any other information that can give you a better understanding of their services. This research will help you decide which buyer is most likely to offer the best deal on your scrap metal.

2. Gather Up Documents. Make sure you have all the necessary documents ready, such as title or registration paperwork and proof of identification before attempting to sell your automotive scrap metal. Most buyers will require these items in order to legally purchase your junk car or vehicle parts. In addition, many buyers may also require an authorization form from any lien holders on the vehicle’s title (if applicable).

3. Collect Your Materials. Collect all the materials that you would like to sell. This includes items such as radiators, aluminum wheels and catalytic converters. Make sure everything is cleaned up and in good condition before taking them to the buyer.

4. Perform Final Inspection. When you are ready to deliver the scrap metal, inspect it one last time for any valuable parts or materials that may have been overlooked. If there are any items that could be sold for a higher price if kept separate from the main scrap metal load, make sure to inform the buyer of your intentions beforehand so they can properly account for its value when making an offer on your automotive scrap metal.

5. Be Ready to Negotiate. Finally, be prepared to negotiate with buyers once you have arrived at their facility or location with your load of scrap metal. Most buyers will be willing to work with you if they know you are looking for the best deal possible, so don’t be afraid to bargain a little bit and make sure you are getting the most out of your automotive scrap metal.

Get the Most Cash for Junk Car Parts in Indianapolis

By following these simple tips, you can get the most out of selling your automotive scrap metal and turn it into cold hard cash! Just remember to do your research beforehand and be prepared to negotiate when dealing with buyers in order to ensure that you get the best price possible for your materials.

To ensure you receive the highest possible cash offer, it is essential to select a dependable and knowledgeable junk car buying company. Contact Zore’s Inc. Cash for Cars Indianapolis at 317-450-3721 to speak with our professional junk car buyers about selling a junk car for cash on the spot. We accept anything made of metal, regardless of age or condition. Request a quote today!

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The Benefits of Buying Used Car Parts from an Auto Salvage Yard

Are you looking to save money while still getting quality auto parts? Shopping at an auto salvage yard can be a great way to get the used car parts you need without breaking the bank. Not only are these parts often cheaper than buying new, but they also come with other benefits that make them a much smarter choice for many drivers.

At an auto salvage yard, you’ll find all sorts of used car parts from different makes and models. Whether you’re looking for engines, transmissions, or anything else under the hood, there’s sure to be something in a salvage yard that fits your needs. And since these yards specialize in taking apart cars and selling their components separately, chances are good that what you’re looking for is already available somewhere nearby.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the major advantages of buying used car parts from an auto salvage yard over purchasing new ones from traditional retailers. We’ll look at why it’s both more cost effective and environmentally friendly; how shopping around can help ensure quality; and tips on finding reputable dealers near you who offer warranties on their products. So, let’s dive right in!

Call 317-450-3721 for  Used Car Parts in Indianapolis Indiana.
Call 317-450-3721 for Used Car Parts in Indianapolis Indiana.

Salvage Yard Car Parts are Cheaper

Firstly, buying used car parts from a salvage yard can save you quite a bit of money in comparison to purchasing brand new components. Since these parts are usually pulled from damaged or recently retired vehicles, they may be available at steep discounts. This means that you could find the same parts that would cost thousands of dollars new for only a fraction of the cost at a salvage yard.

Environmentally Conscious

In addition to saving money, buying used parts from a salvage yard is also an environmentally friendly choice. By keeping these components out of landfills and recycling them instead, you can help reduce waste and conserve natural resources. This makes it not only financially beneficial, but also beneficial for the planet.

Tips on Buying Used Auto Parts at a Scrap Yard

When purchasing used car parts from a salvage yard, it’s important to shop around and compare prices. This will ensure that you don’t pay too much for a component and also allow you to check for quality. Make sure to inspect any used parts before buying them and only purchase from reputable dealers who can offer warranties on their products.

Finally, if you’re ever unsure about a used car part you’ve purchased from an auto salvage yard, take it to a qualified mechanic or technician for inspection before installing it in your vehicle. This will help ensure that the part is safe and functioning properly so that you don’t have any surprises down the road.

Need Used Auto Parts in Indianapolis?

Now that you know some of the advantages and tips for buying used car parts from an auto salvage yard, it’s time to start shopping around and finding the best deals! With these money-saving benefits, you can be sure that you’ll save a lot on your next repair or upgrade without sacrificing quality. Just be sure to choose a reputable Indianapolis auto salvage business for top quality used auto parts.

Are you searching for an experienced junk car buying company who will give you cash on the spot for your old and damaged vehicle? Look no further! Contact us at 317-450-3721 to request your free over-the-phone quote for Indianapolis cash for junk car parts, today! We offer free junk car removal, too!

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Recycle These Highly Valuable Auto Parts for a Cash Payout

There are several Indianapolis scrap metal yards and Indiana junk car buying companies that will pay sellers for recyclable car parts. Depending on the type of metal, the weight or quantity, and the demand for the part, prices will vary drastically.  Continue reading to learn more about recycling junk cars and the car parts that can be recycled for cash near you!

Sell Used Catalytic Converter Indianapolis Indiana 317-450-3721
Sell Used Car Parts Indianapolis Indiana 317-450-3721

Car Parts That Can Be Sold at an Auto Salvage Yard in Indianapolis

Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter is one of the more valuable parts and worth more cash.  This is because they retain platinum and other precious metals, such as rhodium and palladium.  These metals are high in demand and can return a pretty penny.  When an entire car is recycled, the company will always remove the catalytic converter to earn even more profit from the car.

Car Batteries

Car batteries are an easier option when it comes to recycling car parts because they are easy to remove and re-install.  They usually redeem a good amount of cash at scrap yards due to their heavy weight too.  Car batteries should always be recycled properly because they contain heavy metals.  Improper disposal of these elements can cause health and environmental consequences.  

Wheels and Rims

Although car tires can be recycled as well, wheels and rims are the ones that will have the most monetary return.  These parts are typically made up of aluminum and can weigh up to 25 pounds or more a piece!  Wheels and car rims are an excellent choice if you are looking to make some quick cash for old or used car parts.

Whole Cars and Motorized Assets

If you would like to make the most money possible from your junk car, know that the highest cash yield will always come from recycling the entire vehicle. And the better condition the car is in, the more money you are likely to get in return. Most auto salvage yards near Indianapolis will even pick up the vehicle for free.  Others will even pay you cash on the spot! 

Be sure to choose a reliable and experienced junk car buying company in order to get the fairest and best cash profit for recycled car parts. Contact Zore’s Inc. Cash for Cars Indianapolis at 317-450-3721 to speak with our professional junk car buyers about recycling old or used auto parts for cash on the spot. We accept anything made of metal, regardless of age or condition. Request a quote NOW!

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Are Shocks and Struts the Same Auto Part?

Without formal automotive mechanical training, it can be really hard to understand all the working parts of a car. As for shocks and struts, many drivers tend to get the two components confused. Continue below to learn more about shocks and struts in a vehicle, including what they do and how they are different from one another.

Junk Car Auto Salvage Indianapolis IN 317-450-3721
Junk Car Auto Salvage Indianapolis IN 317-450-3721

Shocks Versus Struts

Hat’s off to you for wanting to know more about the mechanics of your vehicle. The most automotive knowledge you have, the better your car care game will be. It is a common mistake for people to use the terms shocks and struts interchangeably, and although both these parts are vital components in your vehicle’s suspension system, particularly in terms of safety and performance, they each serve a unique purpose of their own. Let’s check out the difference between shocks and struts, starting with a brief description.

Shocks and Struts Work Together

Many people confuse shocks and struts as the same thing because they pretty much do the same thing. They work together to dampen the movement and bounce generated while driving and going over bumps, thus delivering a smoother, more comfortable ride. They also work together to allow more control over your vehicle, especially in the case that you need to perform an emergency maneuver, either to swerve on or off the road.

Shocks and struts, although work and alliance to support and protect your vehicle’s suspension system, perform different duties individually. Every tire on your vehicle will have either a shock or a strut, but never both. In fact, a shock cannot be replaced by a strut, and vice versa. If you must replace a shock, it must be replaced by another shock; you cannot replace it with strut. The make and model of your vehicle will ultimately determine whether you have shocks or struts.


Shocks are designed to mitigate the bouncing and bobbing effect of a vehicle while driving. They are also called shock absorbers because the essentially soak up and divert the force that causes the bouncing. Shocks are installed in the rear tires of a car.


Struts are individual suspension systems found at the front of a car, each containing one shock and one spring in a single unit. The spring is designed to support the weight of your vehicle and keeps your tires in contact with the road, while the shocks absorb the force that creates bouncing and bobbing while driving. Struts also have a major impact on vehicle alignment and the power steering system. They are an actual structural part of the vehicle’s suspension system. Shocks are not.

Do you need an essential replacement auto part, but the repair costs are more than what the vehicle is worth? Contact us at 317-450-3721 to get your free Indianapolis cash for junk cars offer, today. We serve all of Central Indiana.

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Top Three Car Parts Bought By Auto Salvage Yards

If you are wondering which old and broken auto parts to get rid of in that antique shed of yours, you really don’t need to decide on anything. Scrap yards will take all of your car parts, whether they are intact, working, or not. However, the automotive parts sought out the most by junk car buying companies might be a good place for you to start for some instant success and cash profit.

Continue below to learn the top three car parts bought by auto salvage yards, and why they are so great for automotive recycling initiatives.

We Pay Cash for Junk Car Parts in Indianapolis! 317-450-3721
We Pay Cash for Junk Car Parts in Indianapolis! 317-450-3721

Sell These Auto Parts to a Junk Car Lot:

Catalytic Converters are Number One

Catalytic converters are the most prized possession at auto salvage yards. If your junk car still has its catalytic converter, you are at an advantage because it means your car’s scrap value is higher than a car without a catalytic converter. Why are catalytic converters so praised and sought after in the auto recycling industry? Well, it has to do with the type of metal they contain. Catalytic converters are made from a combination of metals and metal alloys, some of which are precious metals.

Precious metals are metals that are rare, naturally-occurring, and retain high economic value. The precious metals within catalytic converters can vary, but generally include all of a combination of platinum, palladium and rhodium. Catalytic converters can contain other useful and recyclable metals, such as cerium, iron, manganese, nickel, and copper. 


Car batteries are very plentiful, and as batteries, require responsible disposal. A typically 12 volt car battery contains a variety of dangerous chemicals and materials. These chemicals are hazardous to the environment and can endanger the health of the community as well. For this reason, they are commonly handed over to scrap yards for safe disposal, storage, and metal recycling. Whether your automotive battery is dead, dying, old, broken, or brand new, an Indianapolis Cash for Cars buyer wants to pay you cash for them, today.


Car wheels, including both rims and tires, are a big deal at auto scrap yards. Not only are the materials recyclable, but they are easily stored and reprocessed. For these reasons, a junk car buyer won’t ask twice to take some old car wheels off your hands, especially if they are for larger vehicles like trucks, delivery vans, recreational vehicles, buses, and semi’s. They typically contain mostly steel and iron, but can also have aluminum and copper metal in them.

Indianapolis Junk Car Buyers That Will Pay You the Most Cash Guaranteed

Call Indianapolis Cash for Cars at 317-450-3721 and ask for Bill if you want to sell a junk car in Indianapolis, Indiana. We will provide all the information you need on the junk car selling process, current market values for metal, alternative junk car options, and more. As a family owned and operated company that has done business in Indiana since 1927, you can trust that we offer the fairest and most honest returns for junk cars and vehicles.

Cash for Cars Indianapolis
Cash for Cars Indianapolis 317-450-3721

Where to Sell Your Old and Broken Auto Parts in Indiana

The Indianapolis Cash for Cars division of Zore’s Inc. is where you need to take your scrap car parts if you want to make the most money for your junk. We accept any automotive parts, regardless of make, model, or condition. And best of all, we pay cash on the spot!

We Buy Junk Car Parts and Scrap Metal in Indianapolis, Indiana!

An Indiana Auto Salvage Yard With Top Resources to Pay You TOP DOLLAR

Zore’s Inc. Indianapolis Cash for Cars wants to buy your old and broken car parts, and pay you cash on the spot for every single one of them! Whether we are broken, old, incomplete, rusted, outdated, or entirely corroded, we want them! We accept all auto parts, from catalytic converters and motors, to frames, wheels, computer boards, electrical wiring, and much more.

We also buy metal parts from any motorized commodity, including cars, boats, motorcycles, construction machinery, forklifts, golf carts, and farming equipment. And if you have a particularly heavy load to sell, such as junk cars and parts, we offer free pickup with our in-house tow truck.

What You Get as a Client of Indianapolis Cash for Cars

When you give Indianapolis Cash for Cars a call, you can expect a prompt hello and a warm greeting. We practice the highest standards of respect and professionalism on the job, and continue to impress customers with our ongoing dedication to courteous and fair service.

Why Choose Us?

🥇 Instant Cash Payment
🥇 Highest Cash Payouts
🥇 Licensed and Insured
🥇 Free Towing Service
🥇 Same Day Pickup
🥇 No Hidden Fees
🥇 Convenient Central Indiana Locations
🥇 We Buy All Scrap Metal!

How to Get Started Making Money By Selling Junk Car Parts

Contact us directly at 317-450-3721 to ask for a free estimate, over the phone. We can give you a ballpark figure of how much you can expect to make from your junk car and car parts. We also have several additional Indianapolis locations, and provide many of our services, including junk car buying, in over 40 Central Indiana cities and towns. Request a free, over-the-phone quote, today!

How Much is an Old Catalytic Converter Worth?

Catalytic converters are special automotive parts because they contain precious metal. If you have a junk car that still contains an intact catalytic converter, you can expect a higher payout at a local salvage yard. Additionally, if you have one or more catalytic converters that you wish to sell, you can stand to make a wad of cash in doing so. But how much are catalytic converters actually worth? What about older model catalytic converters? Are they still valuable?

Continue reading to learn more about the value of catalytic converters, including the current metal prices as of this week.

Properties of Catalytic Converters

Sell an Old or Broken Catalytic Converter! 317-450-3721
Sell an Old or Broken Catalytic Converter! 317-450-3721

Catalytic converters contain various precious metals, such as palladium, rhodium, and as previously mentioned, platinum. Furthermore, catalytic converters contain other valuable metals, such as ceramic or metal foil and metal shielding. Platinum is a rare, naturally-occurring metal often used for fine jewelry, but has also found a calling in the automotive engineering industry.

You see, platinum is used for catalytic converters because of its high melting points, resistance to corrosion, and density levels. This makes it well-suited for catalytic applications, such as catalytic converters. Best of all, platinum maintains its value since it can be recycled and reused over and over again.

Market Value for Platinum

This means that old or tarnished platinum is virtually equivalent in value as newly-manufactured platinum. Platinum is priced by weight on the metal market, and fluctuates depending on various factors, included changes in national and international economics. The worth of platinum metal can also vary depending on the quality and grade, however, it generally retains high economic value.

⭐ As of March 13th, the current market value for platinum is $ 27,258.69 per kilo, $ 847.84 per ounce, and $27.26 per gram.

Market Value for Catalytic Converters

There are usually between 3 and 7 grams of platinum group metals in a standard catalytic converter. This means that the average quantity of platinum inside ranges between 0.10 and 0.24 ounces. So how much can you expect your catalytic converter to be worth? Well, with these prices averages, you can expect a medium to large, intact catalytic converter to retain around $100 worth of platinum, give or take; but you must also consider the buyers’ fees. This means that you can expect to recover a profit between $50 and $80, depending on the size of your catalytic converter. Again, this varies depending on various factors, including your particular buyer. Smaller catalytic converters will range in value between $25 and $75, depending on the same factors.

How to Sell Used Auto Parts in Indianapolis

Sell a Junk Vehicle 317-450-3721

Call Zore’s Inc. Cash for Cars at 317-450-3721 if you need to sell junk car parts in Indianapolis, Indiana. We pay cash on the spot for all junk cars, trucks, boats, SUVs, construction equipment, and motorcycles. With more than 75 years in business, you can trust that Indianapolis Cash for Cars provides honest customer service and pays the most for junk vehicles
in Indiana. Request a free estimate, today!

Do Junk Car Parts Have Any Money Value?

Sell Junk Car Parts 317-450-3721

Sell Junk Car Parts 317-450-3721

Junk car parts, whether they are functional or not, have monetary value. Sure it’s obvious that a working car engine is worth more cash than one that doesn’t work, but many people are unaware that their non-functional automotive parts and junk cars are worth a notable amount of cash too! You can get cash for junk automotive parts no matter what condition they are in, nor how badly damaged they may be. Nevertheless, the extent of value largely depends on these two factors. Continue reading to learn more about selling junk car parts for cash, and who to trust for the highest returns in your hometown.

Junk Cars and Car Parts

If you own a car that is still operational, you can sell it for what it’s worth. But if you own a junk car with operational parts, you can sell each individual part that still works for a profit. The more parts that work, the more money you can get paid; however, the type of car part plays an important role in how much you make from selling it.

For example, catalytic converters and engines are high-priced ticket items made from valuable metals, so they are likely to get you more money than, for instance, a set of taillights or a radiator. Depending on the current market values for metal, the amount of money earned from certain auto parts will vary.

Whole junk cars can profit owners anywhere from $100 to $1000, depending on the condition of the vehicle, the make and model, and various other factors; including current metal rates. Individual parts, like functional catalytic converters, are known to sell for anywhere from $50 to $150 or more, depending on the above factors as well.

Cars and Parts That Cannot Be Refurbished

For junk cars and parts that really are “junked”, there is still money-making potential. Although the car and its parts cannot be re-furbished and placed back on the market, they can still serve a very important and useful purpose in the metal recycling world.

Many scrap metal companies are eager to buy junk cars and car parts for the metal they possess. Their compounds generally retain the equipment necessary to clean, melt, and recycle all metals. For this reason, they pay cash for those who wish to discard their junk vehicles and auto parts. You will get paid by the pound, based on the current metal prices.

Where to Sell Junk Car Parts in Indianapolis

Junk Car Buyers 317-450-3721

Junk Car Buyers 317-450-3721

Call Zore’s Inc. Cash for Cars department at 317-450-3721 if you need to sell junk car parts in Indianapolis, Indiana. We pay cash on the spot for all junk cars, trucks, boats, SUVs, construction equipment, and motorcycles. With more than 75 years in business, you can trust that Indianapolis Cash for Cars provides honest customer service and pays the most for junk vehicles in Indiana. Request a free estimate, today!

3 Good Uses for Junk Car Parts

Cash for Car Parts Indianapolis 317-450-3721

Cash for Car Parts Indianapolis 317-450-3721

A junk car provides something that is very valuable, especially if they are functional. We’re talking about junk car parts of course! There are several uses and applications for junk car parts, all of which depend on the owner’s personal preference and objective. If you have junk auto parts laying around, you should try to make the most of them!

Continue reading to learn three lucrative and cost-effective applications for junk car parts.

Selling Them Directly

When you have junk metal, you have something someone, somewhere, wants. As for auto parts, you have several options to choose from. Many individuals, companies, and manufacturers buy junk metal auto parts from sellers. This includes vehicle owners, mechanics, metal refineries, scrap yards, junk yards, metal recycling centers, auto repair shops, car manufacturers, metalwork manufacturers, junk car buyers, and more. These types of buyers will either reprocess, refurbish, recycle, reuse, or resell junk auto parts. If you want a quick and sure-fire way of making money with junk car parts, direct selling is the easiest and most convenient.

Spare Parts

Junk car parts, assuming they are still functional, can be reused as replacement parts when you need them for your primary vehicle. If you have junk parts that are close to functional, you may be able to refurbish them for reuse later on. Not only do spare car parts save you time and money, they save you a lot of trouble looking for a replacement part. And when you have spare car parts that you won’t need, you can sell them to car owners who do!

Art and Décor

It is very trendy these days to use everyday items as art and décor. Bars, restaurants, and many other commercial venues are especially moving toward more unique and exciting interior design. So when you have junk car parts that seem to serve no other purpose, consider making them into makeshift items, or even home décor and artwork! For instance, if you have a work shop, garage, or shed, hanging an old automobile grill on the wall would look quite impressive. Or you can even use old car seats as chairs in your rec room!

How to Sell Junk Car Parts in Indianapolis

Junk Car Buyers 317-450-3721

Junk Car Buyers 317-450-3721

Call Cash for Cars at 317-450-3721 to sell junk car parts in Indianapolis, Indiana. We pay the highest returns for junk cars, spare auto parts, and scrap metal in town! When you want hassle-free fast cash, call us to get rid of your junk car! Regardless of condition, make, or model, we accept all motorized vehicles, including boats, jet skis, construction equipment, and more! Call 317-450-3721 to get fast cash for junk cars in Indianapolis, today.