How Do I Know If My Car is Totaled?

If you have been in an accident, or if your car has sustained major damage due to another unforeseen issue, you may be wondering if it is a total loss. Determining whether a car is totaled is an important step in the insurance claim and repair process, so it’s essential to accurately identify this status before proceeding. To determine if a car is totaled, you’ll need to consider the cost of repairs in comparison to the market value of your vehicle.

Continue below to learn more about these considerations, plus what you can do with your totaled vehicle if you do not have auto insurance coverage in Indiana.

Call 317-450-3721 For Indianapolis Cash For Junk Cars!
Call 317-450-3721 For Indianapolis Cash For Junk Cars!

What Makes a Car Totaled?

If the cost of repairing your car exceeds its market value, then it is likely to be considered a total loss. This means that the insurance company will not cover the repair costs because it would not make financial sense to do so. Instead, you will receive a payout from the insurance company that is equivalent to the market value of your car prior to its damage.

Evaluating a Total Loss Vehicle

In order to determine if your car has been totaled, there are several steps you can take. First, contact your auto insurance provider and inquire about the claims process for total loss vehicles. Your provider will likely be able to provide you with an estimated value of your car as well as information about the claims process.

It is also important to have a mechanic inspect any damage your car has sustained. This will help determine the extent of the repairs necessary, and it could potentially reduce repair costs in some cases if applicable. Once you have received an estimate from your mechanic, compare the estimated cost of repairs to the market value of your vehicle.

Ultimately, if the cost to repair your car is greater than its total value, it will be considered a total loss and you will receive a payout from the insurance provider. Remember to also take into consideration any salvageable parts that could reduce the cost of repairs.

Tips For Dealing With a Salvaged Car

By following the steps above, you can determine if your car is a total loss and begin the insurance claim process accordingly. Knowing whether or not your car can be salvaged will help you make an informed decision about how to proceed with any necessary repairs. As always, we recommend consulting with a professional before making any decisions about your automobile.

Don’t have insurance? Or you just don’t wish to claim your totaled vehicle under your insurance? Choose to sell it to a local Indianapolis auto salvage yard for cash on the spot. Contact Zore’s Inc. Cash for Cars division at 317-450-3721 to get a free, over-the-phone quote from an honest and reputable Indianapolis junk car buyer. We serve all of Central Indiana with free junk car removal!

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When There Might Be a Problem With Your Car’s Suspension

When it comes to investment protection and dependable performance, a suspension problem is an issue you want to catch as early as possible. If a worn-out suspension is ignored, marks of trouble will start to appear very quickly. Common indications of transmission distress include excessive wear and tear on tires, faulty alignment, and daunting sounds like bouncing, knocking, banging, or thumping.

If you think your vehicle is experiencing any of these issues, it is important to address them as soon as you can. Otherwise, you risk turning your vehicle into a total loss. If this happens, you will have to claim a totaled car under insurance policy, or sell it to a local junk car buyer for instant cash.

Indianapolis Indiana Total Loss Car Buyers
Indianapolis Indiana Total Loss Car Buyers 317-450-3721

When to Inspect a Car Suspension:

Towing, Long-Distance Driving, and More

Even if you are not aware of any mechanical problems with your vehicle’s suspension, there are still many other reasons you should get it inspected on a regular basis. For instance, if you are a frequent commuter, drive long distances, or tow heavy freights with your car, you need routine suspension inspection and service. One time per year is a good schedule to follow, but you should increase this to 2 times per year if you tow heavy cargoes on a regular basis.

Old Age or Poor Condition

Another reason to get your car suspension inspected has to do with its age and condition. Older vehicles, or vehicles in poor condition, will need more maintenance and service than a newer model vehicle in good condition. If you have an old or problematic vehicle, it may be wise to get all routine factory scheduled maintenance on a yearly basis, not just the suspension.

After an Accident

You should always have your car’s suspension checked after an accident as well, regardless of how minor you think the accident was. Even a tiny impact can cause your alignment to offset or damage a suspension. If the accident causes suspension issues, and you neglect to have them looked at, you could risk facing a hefty repair bill later down the road; or worse, you can total your vehicle.

You Can Always Sell Your Junked Car in Indiana

If you cannot afford to repair your car or purchase a new one, then junking your car for cash in Indiana could be your best solution. Selling your wrecked or broken down vehicle will give you access to instant cash. This cash can go toward a down payment on a new car from a used car lot. It can even be put toward a new car in some cases, depending on how much you get.

Do you have a broken down suspension that costs too much to repair? Call 317-450-3721 to speak with friendly Indianapolis junk car buyers about selling your total loss vehicle for cash on the spot. We accept anything with a motor, regardless of age or condition.

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Cash for Cars Indianapolis
Cash for Cars Indianapolis 317-450-3721

How to Keep a Totaled Car

After an accident totals your vehicle, there are many reasons why you might choose to keep it, rather than turn it into the insurance company for a payout. If you are choosing to keep your totaled car, it is important that you know how to go about it in the right way. Regulations for keeping an insured, total loss vehicle vary from state to state, and occasionally, among cities and townships.

Continue reading to learn what you need to do if you want to keep your totaled vehicle.

Sell a Totaled Vehicle 317-450-3721
Sell a Totaled Vehicle 317-450-3721

Defining a “Total Loss” Vehicle

Although definitions vary from state to state, fundamentally, a vehicle with damages that cost more to repair than the current cash value of the vehicle. For instance, a car that is worth $2,000 but costs $3,500 to repair is deemed a “total loss” by insurance company standards.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

To properly retain ownership and possession of your total loss vehicle, you must first contact your insurance carrier. They can give you the detailed instructions, as well as alternatives, to your decision. In most cases, a car owner would accept the cash tendered by the insurance company. If you choose this option, you cannot keep possession of your vehicle. Instead, the vehicle will be collected by the insurance company and ultimately, auctioned off for its scrap value. If you reject this option, and wish to maintain possession of your totaled car, you must notify your insurance carrier at this point in time.

Warnings About Keeping a Totaled Car

Keeping your totaled vehicle means that you either wish to scrap it yourself for the parts, or you want to restore it back to its original glory for sentiment. Regardless of your intentions, it is important to understand that if your insurance carrier deems your car a total loss, the title to the vehicle will be changed to a salvage title. Furthermore, it can be quite a challenge to get a DMV to approve any repairs you want to make on a total loss car, and even more difficult getting approval to re-brand the title as “rebuilt.” Even after getting your car repaired, the DMV will not allow you to legally operate it until it passes a rigorous inspection.

Another major issue concerning total loss vehicles is insurance. Not only is it difficult getting approval over at the DMV, it is also hard to find an insurance company that will provide adequate coverage for a car that previously had a salvage title. Also, if you owe money on a car loan, or the vehicle was financed, you are not given the option to maintain possession because it is not legally yours to keep.

How to Learn More About Totaled Cars

Sell a Junk Vehicle 317-450-3721
Sell a Junk Vehicle 317-450-3721

Call 317-450-3721 to speak with our friendly Indianapolis junk car buyers about selling your totaled car, today! We are the reputable and reliable junk car removal company you are searching for! We have been in business for over 25 years and will give you best return for your junk vehicle or motorized commodity. We accept anything with a motor, regardless of age or condition. Just call 317-450-3721 to get started!

When is a Car Totaled?

Sell a Totaled Vehicle 317-450-3721

Sell a Totaled Vehicle 317-450-3721

No one enjoys seeing the aftermath of a car accident. When a vehicle is involved in a collision or accident, the damages can sometimes look a lot worse than what they actually are. So in some lucky cases, a vehicle is not always a total loss after an accident. But how is a total loss determined? And who determines this? For answers to these questions and more, continue reading and learn what makes a vehicle a total loss following a motor vehicle accident or collision.

Calculating a Total Loss

The most common question asked after an accident is if a car is totaled or not. This is understandable considering most people want to have their vehicles repaired as soon as possible so they can get back on the road and back to their lives. So we always want to know right away, if repair is a possibility or if a vehicle is just totaled. Many times, cars and trucks can be fixed with the services of an auto body repair shop. Licensed mechanics can really do some incredible work. But in other cases, vehicles are just too far gone, so collecting a total loss settlement from insurance is best.

The guidelines for a totaled vehicle vary from state to state, but most insurance companies follow the general guideline of 75 percent. This means that a car or truck is considered totaled if it has 75 percent or more damage than the actual cash value of the vehicle. So if a car that was worth $2,000 has more than $1,500 worth of damage done to it, it is a totaled vehicle. It would cost more than the actual value of the vehicle to repair it. In this case, it would be advised to take the insurance settlement for a totaled car.

Many people also ask about airbags, and if a deployed airbag means a vehicle is automatically totaled. The truth is, a vehicle is not always totaled if the airbag deploys. Take into consideration the cost of the damages to the vehicle, plus the cost of replacing the airbag with a new dealership-grade airbag. If this total cost is more than what the vehicle is actually worth, then yes, the car is totaled. But this is usually the case for older vehicles. A new car that has had the airbag deploy, but didn’t sustain serious damage to other parts of the vehicle, can simply have the airbag and dash repaired, and the cosmetic damages fixed. It simply all depends on the cost of repairs, the amount of damage, and the value of the vehicle.

How to Get Paid Cash for Your Totaled Car

Junk Car Buyers 317-450-3721

Junk Car Buyers 317-450-3721

Call Indianapolis Cash for Cars at 317-450-3721 to get paid fast cash for your junk car or truck. They also buy auto parts and any other motorized commodities. Just call and request a quote, and they will schedule a time for their in-house tow truck to collect your vehicle and pay you cash on the spot! Call 317-450-3721 to request a free estimate for your junk car, today.